Tricks, tips and ideas for the tent camper!

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Things to consider when planning and doing a camping vacation.

The Camping Vacation

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Things to be careful of while camping. These are not what you might think.

Camping Hazards

These illustrated camping tips, tricks and ideas have evolved from many years of tent camping experience. This webpage is just some tricks we should all know.

Basic Camping Tips

Our site is entirely devoted to the concerns of the tent camper but RV and trailer campers will find useful information here too. Thoughts and ideas one should consider when aquiring gear.

Camping Gear & Equipment

Simple recipes that will put some smiles on the faces of your hungry crew. Don't forget to get our free camping cookbook too!

Easy Camping Recipes

Camp cooking can be pretty challenging even under the best of circumstances. It's really good to have a few special cooking tricks to fall back on like this 'pit' BBQ technique.

Dutch Oven Pit BBQ

Tent camping is a cherished family past time that usually works in concert with other activities like hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, rock hunting, etc... What to do ideas.

Daytime Activities

And the evening fun around the camp fire can be the best memories you ever make. Look this page over to get some ideas for making the most of your nighttime campfire.

Nighttime Activities

Many scouting groups will do at least one big campout a year. And some families have a camping tradition for reunion purposes. Here is how to do those big camping trips.

Group Campouts

A tarp might keep your campout from turning into a soggy disaster. Here is a page with video that illustrates how to put one up. It isn't difficult if you know the tricks.

Putting Up a Camping Tarp

The thing you should always have but hope you never need. It's harder to make a good camping first aid kit than you think. Make sure you review this webpage before your next camping trip.

Camping First Aid Kit

The fund raising ideas here are most intended for the scouting type groups out there but really work equally well for other non-profits organizations too.

Fund Raising for Scouting

We all need a good survival plan. Your camping equipment and expertise gives you a huge advantage over the standard population of people if you have a good plan.

Camping Survival Plan

A collection of wildlife videos done mostly to help get you motivated to get your camping act together. Subscribe to our youtube channel.

Wildlife and Outdoor Videos

Get our free stuff to help you develop and hone your camping skills. This makes it easy to go camping so you go more often!

Free PDF Download Package

The hardest thing to get right in tent camping is the camp kitchen. Go here for all you need to know about dealing with the camp kitchen. These are highly evolved products.

Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

camping tips setup video

We hope you enjoy these camping tricks and tips Please have a look at our blog and subscribe to our youtube video channel.

Go Camping!

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